La Flèche brassicole 2020, 3e édition 29.08.20

La Flèche Brassicole 2020
rando - vélo - retro
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Program of the day

Apple-juice coffee and bib delivery from 9:23 am at the Brasserie de La Meute/Atelier de La Vieille Reine, rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 7b in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Departure of the peloton around 10 am
Mid-term barbecues in Creux-des-Biches and beer tasting
Arrival mid-afternoon at the BFM brewery
From 4:31 pm, crazy animations and exceptional prizes!
Pig on a spit, from 6:34 pm

Crazy prizes to win
This year we're giving the jackpot to the most deserving. A bicycle, beer filler combos + 2 kegs will be among our magnificent prizes this year. The theme of the contests will be unveiled in the coming months.
Two course lengths
A first course has been added in order to tire the most sportive among you and to continue on a walking-style rhythm.
Mas Course
Departure at 8am from La BFM to La Vieille Reine / La Meute. Continuation of the galloping course in a peloton.
Galloping course
Meeting at 9:23 am at the official starting point. Distribution of race numbers, coffee, apple juice, open house of La Meute and La Vieille Reine.
Departure of the peloton around 10 am
in the direction of Saignelégier for a total of about 36km at a walking pace.