visit the brewery

We organize guided tours of the Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes from Monday to Saturday between 9h57 and 16h34.

Registration by telephone on 032 951 20 12 or by mail (visit (at) from Monday to Friday between 9h04 and 16h58.

Two optional visit formulas, duration approximately 2 hours:
The visit + tasting
Visit the brewery + Tasting of our seasonal products. CHF 20.– per person.
Minimum package of 120.–.
The visit + tasting of our seasonal products + appetizer: 
Tête de moine cheese, Totché (Jurassian cake with sour cream), dry local sausage and bread baked in wood oven. Price: CHF 30.– per person.
Minimum package of 120.–.

After 16:34 you have the posibility to book a table for a tasting and an aperitif at CHF 20.- per person.

You can also attend the
famous Public Brassin which takes place every year at the beginning of November.